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Farah Sobey is a strategic thinking business savvy actor, presenter & corporate trainer/mentor/coach. Available for acting roles, voice overs, coaching/mentoring & key note speaking.

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Farah began her love of acting and professional career in this wonderful field at the age of 9. She has experience in stage, film and television as an actor…as well as producing/coordinating successful acting workshops with highly regarded directors.

Having recently gained entry into the prestigious NIDA, Farah is now furthering her skills and talents as an actor, specialising in screen acting for film and television. An accomplished actor who brings truth, life and reality into every character she plays.

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Simpler than ever

Voice Over

“Farah’s strong, confident voice is versatile and deftly harnesses a wide range to suit characterization choices. Her grounding in a well rounded voice Practice makes Farah an excellent candidate for your next commercial or corporate voice over”.

Sinead Curry.

Voice coach/actor

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Farah is an intuitively gifted mentor who has a natural ability to bring out your passions, purpose, gifts and creative talents. She will guide, mentor and inspire you to be the very best version of you!

Every mentee will have a personalised mentoring program developed to suit their individual needs and ensure their goals are achieved. 

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Presenter/Public Speaker

Known for her inspirational, warm, engaging and energetic style… Farah has a remarkable natural gift of connecting with people from all walks of life, and bring out the very best of each individual she works with!

Her presenting and speaking skills are relevant and relatable, combining creative and corporate experience to ensure a successful outcome.

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A strategic thinking creative, results focused achiever. A business savvy, actress, presenter, mentor and inspirational speaker. Farah brings strong business acumen, coupled with a natural creative flair, and the skill, experience, talent & ability to bring both the corporate and creative worlds together in an inspiring way…marrying the two as one remarkable union.

A self-starter who thrives on challenges and delivering results with long-term value to every individual, business, production and project she undertakes. Farah has significant experience in the corporate sector, predominately in the sales, marketing, business development, advertising and training arena. This, coupled with a well-regarded career in the arts mainly in acting & writing with strong networks & partnerships in the industry, sees her flourishing in branding her self as “Creatively Corporate”.

Farah’s main aim is to bring out the very best in each individual she works with, and bring a spirit of excellence into every project and production she works on.
With a solid reputation as an outstanding communicator and inspirational influencer, Farah also offers compelling training, mentoring/coaching & inspirational public speaking.

Her uplifting inspirational flair, artistic creativity and genuine desire to see people, projects and organisations grow, ensures she will help bring out the very best in every individual, business and production she collaborates with! Farah’s coaching & presentation skills are relevant and relatable with a proven ability in developing successful relationships with individuals, businesses and stakeholders to achieve a win-win outcome.

As an accomplished actor, Farah brings truth, integrity and reality to every character she plays.

Farah brand spokesperson for Florsheim Shoes

Brand Spokesperson     Farah is excited to announce her partnership with Florsheim Australia as their official brand spokesperson & TVSN on air presenter.   Stay tuned for more updates….      

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Farah Sobey


A strategic thinking, creative, results focused businesswoman, actor, presenter, performance coach and keynote speaker. Farah Sobey brings strong business acumen, coupled with a natural creative flair, with the skill, experience, talent and ability to bring together both the corporate and creative worlds in an inspiring way, marrying the two as one remarkable union.

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